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​Ten years in the making, BLACK IVORY COFFEE is created through a process whereby coffee beans are naturally refined by street rescued Thai elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation www.helpingelephants.org in Chiang Saen, (Northern) Thailand​. It begins with selecting the best 100% Thai Arabica beans that have been picked from an altitude as high as 1500 meters. Once deposited by the elephants, the individual beans are hand-picked by the Mahouts and their wives and then sun-dried and roasted. Approximately 8800 beans are picked for each kilogram of roasted coffee; thus, 33 kilograms of coffee cherries are required to produce just one kilogram of BLACK IVORY COFFEE. The world's rarest and most expensive coffee.


As a result of our commitment to elephant conservation and welfare, 8% of Black Ivory Coffee sales will help fund a specialist elephant veterinarian to provide free care to all the elephants of Thailand through the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. Additional funds will also be used to purchase medicine as well as to build a new laboratory.

Production of BLACK IVORY COFFEE also provides valuable income generation for the wives of the mahouts to help cover health expenses, school fees, food, and clothing.